Drone Services provide
Photo, Video & 360 VR Tours
perfect for your next Property Sale

We Show Your Property from the Best Possible Viewpoint

Time Lapse Construction

See Your Project Coming Together

Ideas into Reality

If you have a Residential, Industrial or Commercial Construction Project and would like an Aerial overview as it progresses, we can help to turn your ideas into reality

Capture photo/video

By capturing images and video of the Clients Project, always using the same locations, later we can  create a complete time-lapse of the Project from Start to Finish

Project Completion

The Client can have Prints, any size, video and/or time-lapse clips of their project construction.
Just call us to discuss your requirements and how we can satisfy them


Aerial View of the Patchwork of fields on Inis Orr

Taken at Sunset in July 2016


Viaduct Over the Boyne in Drogheda

Recently Refurbished Rail Bridge in the Boyne Valley



We are a specialist company with extensive expertise in aerial photography, videography and thermography,
We are fully Certified by the iaa for aerial work and fully insured to work anywhere in ireland
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    fantastic food in an incredibly relaxed old world atmosphere